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Category: Initiative Update

New Evaluation: The Fundamental Role of Care Coordination

The Meadowlark Initiative brings together a clinical team (made up of prenatal care and behavioral health providers) and coordinates outreach and community services to provide better care for pregnant women and their families, improve health outcomes, and reduce family separation. This innovative model helps prenatal care providers better address depression, anxiety, substance use, and other … Continued

The Meadowlark Initiative Update

The Meadowlark Initiative® brings a new standard of pregnancy care to Montana by offering routine screening and treatment for substance use disorders and mental illness as a part of prenatal and postpartum care. The initiative supports recovery while keeping families together and children out of foster care. In partnership with the State of Montana, we … Continued

Sustaining & Expanding Integrated Care in Montana Report

This week, in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health, we released a report that gives recommendations for how integrated care can be sustained and expanded in Montana. The Montana Healthcare Foundation’s Integrated Behavioral Health Initiative is transforming the standard of care for primary care providers and patients in Montana. We commissioned the National … Continued

The Integrated Behavioral Health Initiative Update

At a typical primary care visit, medical providers routinely screen for common illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Until recently, though, it was less common for primary care providers to screen or offer treatment for common behavioral health issues like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Considering that mental illness and substance … Continued

Announcing Montana’s First Public Health Institute

A group of dedicated health professionals have collaborated to create Montana’s first public health institute.

Strengthening Montana’s Public Health System: An Update

We released a new study that takes an in-depth look at Montana’s public health system and gives recommendations for strengthening it. The “Creating a Vision for a Healthier Montana: Strengthening the Montana Public Health System Study” results from a year-long project by the National Network of Public Health Institutes and Population Health Partners. It culminates … Continued

Why Invest in Supportive Housing?

Developing supportive housing services in Montana communities through building local partnerships and capacity.

Why Strengthen Montana’s Public Health System?

This month, we are excited to start a new phase of our work with Montana’s public health system.

Why Support Integrated Behavioral Health?

Learn from MHCF Program Director Scott Malloy more about why the Foundation is supporting Integrated Behavioral Health and what our core strategies are.

Why Focus on Medicaid and Health Policy?

Learn from MHCF CEO Dr. Aaron Wernham more about why we chose to pursue work in Medicaid and Health Policy, our strategy, and what we hope to achieve.