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Category: Press Release

New School-Based Health Initiative Press Release

New multi-year initiative will create school-based health centers in communities with high needs

The Meadowlark Initiative Press Release

Currently, 11 hospitals and health centers are participating in the Meadowlark Initiative which provides pregnant women and their families with effective, supportive care for behavioral health needs.

Medicaid Work Requirements Analysis Press Release

House Bill 658, introduced March 12, 2019 to reauthorize Montana’s Medicaid expansion, could lead to major coverage losses.

Medicaid Expansion Survey Analysis Press Release

According to new survey results released today, nearly half of the respondents (43 percent) reported an improvement in their general health since enrolling in Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

2019 Medicaid Expansion Economic Effects Press Release

According to an independent analysis, Montana’s Medicaid expansion has introduced more than $600 million each year into Montana’s economy, generating approximately 6,000 new jobs and $350 million per year in personal income.

Montana Treatment Court Report Press Release

Press Release: According to a new report, over 1,600 Montanans would benefit from treatment courts each year, but due to limited funding and capacity, there are only 28 state treatment courts serving about 550 participants at present.

Governor Bullock, Montana Healthcare Foundation Announce Perinatal Behavioral Health Initiative

New initiative expands current efforts to help improve outcomes for pregnant and postpartum women with behavioral health challenges.

Reinsurance Analysis: Individual Market Stabilization Press Release

A state-based reinsurance program could save Montanans 10 to 20 percent on individual health insurance premiums.

Impacts of Medicaid Expansion Press Release

The number of uninsured Montanans halved since Montana passed Medicaid expansion in 2015.

2018 Medicaid Expansion Economic Effects Press Release

Independent analysis by the BBER examines the economic impact of Montana’s Medicaid expansion.