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Published Year: 2024

Montana Medicaid Background Report

This background report provides an overview of Montana’s Medicaid program. It describes who is eligible, their health care needs, and how Medicaid coverage helps enrollees address those needs. It also details how the program is structured and administered in Montana and its federal and state funding sources. The report was commissioned by the Montana Healthcare … Continued

2024 Annual Report: Medicaid in Montana

This fourth annual report on Montana Medicaid shows consistent improvement in health coverage, access to services, health outcomes, and reduction in costs for enrollees. Montana Medicaid provides health care coverage to nearly 300,000 Montanans with low income, including children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and adults. We produce the Medicaid in Montana annual report to … Continued

2024 Issue Brief: The Role of Primary Care in Behavioral Health

This analysis of Montana Medicaid claims data shows that more than half (54%) of Medicaid members with behavioral health needs receive care exclusively from primary care providers, and 81% of the Medicaid population that accessed behavioral health care received at least some of those services from a primary care practice. As Montana seeks to build … Continued