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About Us

Improving health in Montana.

The Montana Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)3 private foundation that makes strategic investments to improve health in Montana. We provide funding, leadership, and expertise to help communities tackle Montana’s most important health problems. We conduct policy analysis so that Montanans can be well-informed and engaged in decisions that impact their health. We prioritize supporting the health and well-being of people and communities at increased risk for poor health outcomes because of income, geographic barriers, the availability and accessibility of health and social services, and racial and ethnic disparities.

What We Do

Direct Programs

Grant Programs


Our dedicated, expert staff help identify innovative solutions to critical health challenges.


We catalyze new partnerships to help organizations use limited resources more effectively.


We help bring communities and leaders together to create new solutions to persistent health problems.


We provide technical assistance to help organizations transform their services or create new ones.


We search for proven programs and use our capital to bring those solutions to Montana.


We bring proven programs to tackle Montana’s most serious health challenges.


We support Montana-based innovation to improve health across the state.

Our Values

Our values guide how we operate as an organization and how we interact with others.


We are honest and principled in our stewardship of the Montana Healthcare Foundation trust and interactions with our stakeholders.


We ground our strategy and programming in community engagement and emphasize enduring partnerships with organizations across Montana.


We elevate the priorities of at-risk populations because we understand that social and economic circumstances can create barriers to health.


We rely on our professional expertise and community-based data to make productive, strategic investments that improve health.


We catalyze health improvement by bringing innovative ideas to fruition and encouraging our grantees and partners to do the same.


We pursue programming that has a measurable impact on health and health determinants, and we constantly work to improve the effectiveness of our programs.


We are open, consistent, and clear about how we make decisions and manage the Montana Healthcare Foundation.