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News Topic: Medicaid & Health Policy

Medicaid Expansion Survey Analysis Press Release

According to new survey results released today, nearly half of the respondents (43 percent) reported an improvement in their general health since enrolling in Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

2019 Medicaid Expansion Economic Effects Press Release

According to an independent analysis, Montana’s Medicaid expansion has introduced more than $600 million each year into Montana’s economy, generating approximately 6,000 new jobs and $350 million per year in personal income.

Reinsurance Analysis: Individual Market Stabilization Press Release

A state-based reinsurance program could save Montanans 10 to 20 percent on individual health insurance premiums.

Impacts of Medicaid Expansion Press Release

The number of uninsured Montanans halved since Montana passed Medicaid expansion in 2015.

Why Focus on Medicaid and Health Policy?

Learn from MHCF CEO Dr. Aaron Wernham more about why we chose to pursue work in Medicaid and Health Policy, our strategy, and what we hope to achieve.  

2018 Medicaid Expansion Economic Effects Press Release

Independent analysis by the BBER examines the economic impact of Montana’s Medicaid expansion.

Analysis of Senate Health Bill BCRA Press Release

Updated analysis: Montana to lose $5.3 billion in federal funding for Medicaid under the proposed Senate health bill – more than 75,000 Montanans to lose health cover

Analysis of House Health Bill AHCA Press Release

Study: Montana to lose $4.8 billion in federal funding for Medicaid under the American Health Care Act and more than 70,000 Montanans to lose health coverage by 2026.

ACA Repeal Impact in Indian Country Press Release

The National Indian Health Board and North Dakota State University released a report outlining the impact a full repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would have on Tribes and American Indians/Alaska Natives across the country.

Medicaid Expansion Repeal Impacts Press Release

An independent report by Manatt Health projects that over 71,000 newly insured Montanans could lose access to medical care and that the state could lose over $284 million in critical health care funding if Congress repeals the Medicaid expansion.