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New School-Based Health Initiative Press Release

New School-Based Health Initiative Press Release

A New Multi-Year Initiative Will Create School-Based Health Centers in Communities with High Needs

Bozeman, Mont. (September 15, 2020) – The Montana Healthcare Foundation announces a commitment to at least $5 million over the next 10 years to support new partnerships between schools and health care providers to create school-based health centers in communities that need them most.

School-based health centers offer easy access to medical, dental, and behavioral health services for students. Many centers provide services for families, school staff, and community members as well. Providing health services in school can help teachers and administrators appropriately address behavioral issues, treat health problems that impact attendance, and keep students in school and learning.

We know that education suffers when students’ health needs aren’t met. School-based health centers are a great way to address physical, behavioral, and dental health issues that impact learning and improve both health and educational outcomes.

Dr. Aaron Wernham,
Montana Healthcare Foundation CEO

Learn more about the School-Based Health Initiative here.