For 20 years, Gerald has built a reputation as a leader in market research and media development for G&G Advertising. He has worked extensively with local, community-based organizations and advocates as a professional, volunteer, and leader. At G&G Advertising, Gerald has worked on state, regional, and national campaigns promoting behavioral change on many current health-related issues. Gerald has worked on such campaigns as Downtown Billings Association, Billings YMCA, Censuses 2000, 2010, and 2020, Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign, Partnership for Drug-Free America, American Indian College Fund, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Con Alma Health Foundation, Centers for Disease Control Verb campaign, New Mexico State Fair, Portland Indian Health Board, Gold West Country, University of New Mexico Athletics, and Santa Fe Opera.

Gerald’s previous career was in a teaching position with the Box Elder Public School System, where he created and implemented instructional materials for use in public classrooms. He developed and delivered a general education curriculum inclusive of all students and learning styles. He worked with and maintained a parent-to-teacher system, knowing that his students’ successes came from encouraging and getting parents involved in their children’s education. His teaching experiences instilled in him the importance and commitment to increasing access to educational opportunities for many underserved populations. It also helped him understand the importance of ensuring the whole child was the center of reaching success. Children’s learning and success in school are possible with good health habits, a supportive home environment, a supportive social system, and a safe and healthy place to live.

Gerald is chairman of the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, which serves ten tribes in the Rocky Mountain region. He is also a commissioner of the State Tribal Economic Development Commission. Gerald is also the current chairman of the Little Shell Tribe of Montana, a position he has served since 2012. In his role, Gerald oversees tribal programs and economic opportunities for the tribe. He also maintains government-to-government relationships with city, county, state, and federal governments and individuals on behalf of the tribe’s more than 6200 members.